Great tights in all weathers

Conclusion: 8/10

They took the old Skins A400 and seriously improved them with new fabrics, new panels, new cut and a new design. They feel like they could have been called the A800.

Value: 8/10 
These tights are expensive but you see why as soon as you slowly ease them on – read below.
I just wish I could afford more than one pair as they are really excellent – but then again they are on par with the best tights avalible.
They’ve been worn about 30 times and washed about 15 times. I only use Bio detergent with no softeners. I wash at 30°c. They’ve held up very well. Some of the graphics began to crack after about 6 months but the reflectivity is still effective. 

Compression:  9/10
The compression is improved without just getting tighter. The tights feel more supportive in the upper thigh and into the hips so running posture is improved. They double up as very effective recovery tights. Having used these and the old RY400 tights I can safely say these are just as good for Recovery as for Running, which is quite a feat and testemment to their design. I find that after a second wear, sometimes that’s an 8hr sleep in bed, they begin to loosen up and stretch out loosing some compression. However, after a wash they seem to spring back to life, so after 12 months they as a little looser but still offer 90% of their initial compression.

Underwear vs Otherwear: 8/10
The reflective design is great for dark European winters. This tights have become more of a running tight and less of an under-tight.
The reflective SKINS logo on the calf is very effective as is the translucent Skins logo on the back of the thigh.

The Skins logo and name pop at night time under the faintest light – this image doesn’t do it justice

The front male panel is more supportive and provides more confidence to use these as a running tight as they are a little less form fitting in this area.

The gold pattern give the tights just enough to make them look like they match the price tag

They’ve proven themselves in all weathers. On colder winter runs they’ve kept me warm but still feeling free and flexible. The the summer I’ve used then as cycle tights and they wicked away mositure very quickly leaving me pretty much sweat free.

The split logo seemed like a mistake at first

Seams/Waist/Ankles: 7/10

The new seams are really flat and much less noticeable that the old 3D bumpy stitching of the previous tights. They feel more like one continuous wrap of fabric around you. However, the lack of draw string in the waist and some difficulty getting the ankle end over my feet made these tights slightly less than perfect. 

The claves feature excellent panelling and seams

Fabric: 8/10

I’ve counted at least 4 different fabrics in these tights. The last design had 2 as far as I could tell.
They are in the waistband, on the upper thigh, the knees and the remainder of the tights is a 4th. They are all very smooth and each has their own weights and degree of compression. The knee area for example is a light fabric and runs in a different direction to other part of the tight. The tights could offer slightly less translucency under bright light – under the intense beam of my friends car headlights it was possible to see some skin tones. 

Size: 7/10

Stick to the size guide! Simple. Don’t think you know better than the designers. You’ll be upset if they are too loose or long etc. I possibly should be wearing a different length as I find these run slightly shorter in the upper leg than the previous model. But it’s rare to find the shorter​ or longer​ leg versions being sold at a reduced cost. 


With the Skins A400 tights you’re really getting a 2 in 1 garment. Running tights and recovery tights in one. They feel amazing on, feel powerful to run in and comforting when used to recover and sleep in. I feel a sense on freedom and relaxation when training in these that I’ve yet to experience in any other tights. Plus they help up well over a year of use, so all-round these have provided to be a reliable, comfortable and compressing pair of tights.